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באתר שלי תוכלו למצוא המון מידע ייחודי על היקום, Dark matter
מערכת הנפש,תת מודע,מוח, תודעה ,תהליך חיים בטבע וכו...
כמו כן, אנו עושים שימוש בשיטות טיפול חדשניות ומציעים פתרונות לבעיות בריאותיות

Spirit and Mind. Vol 1 - Сущность и Разум (Том 1)

Using the theory of space heterogeneity the author continues to tear the veil of secrecy from the next riddles of nature. This time living nature and man is the focal point of cognition. The author formulates what the necessary and sufficient conditions are for the origin of life on planets. The simplicity and beauty of these concepts enables a reader, possibly for the first time in his or her life, to experience enlightening by knowledge, when there is a sense that knowledge becomes an inalienable part of self. In the first volume the author describes the nature and mechanism of human emotions and shows their role in the evolution of life in general and man in particular. He explains what love is in reality and this wonderful feeling does not lose its beauty because of this explanation, but on the contrary, allows man to understand what is going on with him and avoid unnecessary disappointments… Also, the author sheds light on the nature of memory and for the first time shows the mechanisms of short-term and long-term memory forming and on this basis reveals the mechanism of the origin of consciousness.

The book contains 100 high-quality author's illustrations.

© Nicolai Levashov 1999, San Francisco.

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